Sognefjell Mountain Road

In majestic surroundings, high in the mountains past blue ice, jagged peaks and emerald lakes, the “Sognefjell Road” runs between “Sognefjord”, the world's longest fjord, and the “Gudbrandsdal” valley.

The Sognefjell Road (110 kilometres) has carried traffic since time immemorial. Fish and salt from the west and butter, hides, iron and tar from the east were carried by people on their shoulders or on horseback. The cairns helped travellers find the way in all kinds of weather.

The Sognefjellsvegen, route 55, is the highest mountain pass road in Nortern Europe. It is a national tourist road ands starts in the village of Lom, it then travels over the Sognefjell mountain area, and it ends in the village of Gaupne in the municipality of Luster. The road was opened in 1938. The road is closed during the winter season, normally from November and reopens in May. Being snowploughed, driving between banks of snow up to ten metres high, is a wonderful experience.

The Sognefjell Road gives you access to Jotunheimen National Park, with Galdhøpiggen, Norway's highest mountain, and several of the other of the highest peaks in Norway, and to Jostedalsbreen, Norway's largest glacier. Here you can poke about on your own among soaring peaks, take a tour over glaciers and mountain tops with experienced guides, and go skiing all year round.

The route between the inland valley, high mountains and fjord offers breathtaking contrasts in climate and topography and a variety of plant and animal life, from lower elevations with farms, pine forests and the conditions for human settlement to the alpine terrain approx. 1000 mtrs above sea level. Up here you will find bare rock with clear traces of the last Ice Age, with grass, moss, and lichen interspersed with juniper and willow. Here you'll also find hardy polar plants such as arctic buttercup, with mountain birch here and there.

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