Flora and Fauna

In Lom and Skjåk, the altitude and composition of the various soil types are the determining factors for plant life. Particularly diverse plant populations can be found, particularly in the areas of Soleggen, Gjende and Bøvertun, where the soil is lime-rich. Where the soil type is mainly quartzite, only the least demanding plants will thrive.

Many plants are found at their highest altitudes in Lom. Norway's highest pine forest at is located here at 1100m above sea level. The steep slopes and thin productivity make forestry difficult and unprofitable, which means that many areas in Lom retain the characteristics of virgin forest.

The variety of vegetation zones makes for a varied bird life in Lom. Årsjo and the Smådalsmyrene marshes are preserved as marshland preserves. Over 100 species are registered in the preserves.

There are good populations of black grouse, red grouse and grouse ptarmigan. Snow buntings have been observed at the summit of Galdhøpiggen.

Lom Tame Reindeer Association maintains a winter flock of between 1500 and 2500 animals on the south side of the Ottadalen valley. On the north side, wild reindeer are to be found within the newly established Reinheimen National Park.

Wolverines have been shown to have been breeding within the Lom area for the last three years. The fox and lynx populations are increasing.

(Source: Lom tourist information)