Nice to know

Nice to know when staying at Leirvassbu

You can reach us at +47 61211210 or

Leirvassbu is normally open from the end of March until early May, and from late June until the middle of September.


Accomodation: If you want to stay the night at Leirvassbu (in a hotel room or outside the cabin in a tent/camping van), you need to book in advance.

Breakfast and dinner:
Seating for dinner is at 18.30 and 20.30. Report at the reception what time you wish to eat. If you want a place on a specific seating, make sure to tell us in advance.

The road in Leirdalen:
The road in Leirdalen is closed with a barrier at Illåe / Geitsætre (about 9 km from Leirvassbu) when Leirvassbu is closed.

Mobile coverage and Wifi:
The mobile coverage in the area around the cabin is limited. We have Wifi which is free and without a password. The Wifi signal is best in the common area, and can be reduced to the corridors where the rooms are located.

Weather and conditions in the area:
Please contact Leirvassbu (tel. 61211210 or For fresh information about weather and touring/hiking/driving conditions. You can look at the webcam on our page to get an indication of current weather and snow conditions: When it comes to the weather ahead of time, those who work at Leirvassbu can not say so much more than what you find on or other meteorological warning services.

We have usually had a bus that runs Oslo-Leirvassbu every day during the high season (July, August) in the summer. We are trying to get a bus route this year as well.
It is possible to drive all the way to Leirvassbu in the summer. Toll passage costs 110, -.

During the winter season, a parking space will be plowed at Sletthamn (about 6 km from Leirvassbu). From here you can follow the snowmobile trail, or order transport by snowmobile / tracked vehicle (only for resident guests). Transport costs 150, - per person, minimum price 300 for a drive, and double price after 11 pm. Transport must be booked well in advance of arrival. There may be poor cell phone coverage at the parking lot.