How to reach us

Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge is located in the county of Lom, if arriving from the direction of Lom centre, take route 55 travelling towards Sogndal, and take a left turn after 26 km. The crossroad is marked "Leirvassbu". If you are travelling from Årdal or Sogndal, please take a right turn approximately 16km after passing the highest point of the Sognefjell road.

The road leading from route 55 in to Leirvassbu is a private toll road. It is open from the start of the summer season in June, until the end of the summer season in September.

If you are travelling from Lom, you will drive through Bøverdalen valley. After 12 km you will pass Sulheim Manor Farm on your right, another 8 km will show you Elveseter Hotel, also on the right hand side. Continue for another 6 km, before taking a left turn on the private toll road in towards Leirvassbu.

Lom is almost equidistant from the major Norwegian cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. The distance is approx 350 km.
Driving by car will take about 5hrs. Travelling from Oslo by train will necessitate a changeover at Otta, travelling by coach the last leg of the journey to Lom. You can also travel by express coach from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim directly to Lom. The train and coach will make for a more leisurely mode of travel, but will take somewhat longer. For local connections by coach, as well as transport or other information, please contact us.

Public transportation

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  • Toll road from highway 55 towards Leirvassbu. Toll fee NOK 60.