It was Emanuel Mohn – one of the great pioneers in Norwegian Mountaineering history, and one of the founding fathers of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), who first mentioned the need to build the first ”Leervassboden”. He wrote an article in the yearbook of DNT. ”The lake Leervatnet can be considered the meeting point for no less than four valleys, of which all contain the most interesting of mountains”. DNT provided the necessay funding and made a contract with the farmer Thorstein Sulheim in Lom. The year after, a small stone cabin containing four beds and the necessary kitchen utensils was built.

Some years later, the family of Amund Elvesæter and his wife Anne (born Sulheim), began to take in guests at their mountain farm in Sletthamn, a few kilometers down the valley of Leirdalen, the stone cabin at the lake Leirvatnet fell into disrepair.

The mountain farm belonging to Elvesæter was completely distroyed by an avalanche in 1903. The family decided to build a tourist cabin by the lake Leirvatnet. DNT, like last time, helped with the funding, and in 1906 a new wooden cabin with 19 beds was built. DNT`s contribution of NOK 1000,- was later repaid in full by Elvesæter.

From 1916 onwards, Leirvassbu was open during Easter. By the late twenties, the number of beds had increased to 30. In 1958 another large expansion was finalized, increasing the number of beds to 100, and again in 1975 increased to 200 beds total.

Today, the owners and managers of Leirvassbu are Ole Jacob Grindvold and Christian Sulheim in Bøverdalen. They come from the same farm as Thorstein Sulheim, and Anne, the wife of Amund Elvesæter.