About Top of Norway

Top of Norway is the operating company for Elveseter Art and Culture Hotel, Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge and Sulheim Manor Farm.
Top of Norway is located in Lom municipality, halfway between Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, in the wildest nature ”Jotunheimen” has to offer. Top of Norway is run by Christian Sulheim.

”Galdhøpiggen” is the most famous peak in Lom, and it is the highest mountain in Northern-Europe at 2469 metres (above sea level). The peak was first ascended in 1850 by Steinar Sulheim, Ingebrigt N. Flotten og Lars Arnesen, all of whom were from Lom.

Sulheim Manor Farm was protected by law as one of the first farms in Norway. The farm has buildings ranging from 1250 a.d. until today. Even though Sulheim Manor Farm accommodates guests with 14 beds in 3 apartments, it is fully operational with milk and meat production.

Elveseter Art and Culture Hotel, Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge and Sulheim Manor Farm are still today run by the same families who built them.

In addition to accommodation Top Of Norway offers a wide range of activities throughout the year in all of its establishments. We recommend that you look at the relevant information sites, where the activities are further described.

Top of Norway cooperates with the French sports clothing manufacturer ”Millet” which produces winter clothing and shoes of the highest quality.

Top of Norways accommodations are located in the middle of untamed and beautiful nature, which is a skiing paradise for randonee and free skiing. Probably the best in all of Europe.

We offer something for everyone.

Welcome to us!

Best regards,

Inger, Tove, Ole Jacob, Rungne and Christian.