Our kitchen

Our kitchen reflects our unique atmosphere and the majestic nature surrounding us. We have composed a healthy menu comprising short travelled food using local ingredients, but we are not adverse to utilising impulses from international cuisine.

We usually serve a set menu comprising three courses, but this can be modified and extended upon if our patrons wish so. Our experienced staff will be happy to explain the provenance of our local ingredients, and will help you to compose a suitable menu for all festive occasions.

We can offer half day or full day food courses:
“How to transform simple raw materials into delectable dishes, including tasting of wines which complement the food."

Our Wines
We have especially selected wines to complement our cuisine.
All our wines come from small producers working after ancient principles and tradition.
We have visited the vineyards and seen how they continue to follow the exacting standards of their forebears.

Our producers come from the best wine producing areas of Italy;
• Langhe and Roero in Piedmonte   (Rapalino, Marchisio and Vietto)
• Garda in Lombardia   (La Basia)
• Chianti in Toscana   (Villa da Filicaja)

We are proud to share with you that our earlier kitchen staff now have started their own business, and they have the whole world as their stage. They are ”The Flying Culinary Circus”. Please check out their website www.fccircus.com.