Elveseter Hotel is one of the most exceptional hotels in Norway, located in the untouched wilderness  of the Jotunheimen National park. Below the famed Galdhøpiggen Peak. The traditional farming estate called Elveseter received its first tourists at the end of the 1800’s. Over the past century, the estate has been converted into a family-run hotel, with facilities that provides comfort with a touch of history.

The Elveseter family has amassed a unique collection of artefacts from Norway and abroad. These cultural treasures create a distinctive, welcoming atmosphere in the hotels lounges and common areas, where guests are invited to make themselves at home. Each building and room carries a name form Norse mythology, invoking the presence of the Aesir and Jotuns (Norse Gods and Giants) of pagan times. In keeping with building traditions in the Gudbrandsdal Valley, the various houses are all placed around a a beautiful open farmyard where Yggdrasil, “the tree that carries Elveseter in its roots” can also be found.

We can offer a complete package including accommodation, meals, guiding and renting of all necessary equipment.

We have free wireless internet access in the mixing areas.

Summer/Autumn:              20. May – 1. October

* Off-season Elveseter Hotel is excellent for larger groups or companies.
* Don’t hesitate to ask us for a good deal!

GPS 61.70 Lat. / 8.29 Lon.
Address: Sognefjellsvegen, 2687 Bøverdalen
Hosts: Inger & Rungne Elveseter
Phone: +47 61 21 99 00
Fax: +47 61 21 99 01
Email elveseter@topofnorway.no

We look forward to seeing you!